Drew Dapps

is a boutique house artist based in San Diego, and living proof that music transcends boundaries. His forward thinking sound focuses on deep, infectious grooves coupled with vibrant basslines and lush chord play.

Growing up in Vegas, Drew initially found inspiration cooking up hip hop beats. He quickly gained a following but eventually found a different calling – house music. In 2019, he moved to San Diego and immersed himself into the local house scene and became deeply inspired by the sound of minimal/deep tech. That inspiration pushed him to spend countless hours producing and refining his craft, eventually playing coveted gigs showcasing slappers of his own.

Today, Drew’s influence extends far beyond California. Dapps has performed live across international borders, bonding with die-hard fans throughout Latin America. His releases have topped Beatport’s house charts and have earned millions of streams across the world. He has received recognition from publications like EDM Identity and Beatradar, as well as underground legends Jizz and DeMarzo. With co-signs from top names in the industry including John Summit and HoneyLuv, it is evident that this young artist is glowing up.

Throughout his career, one that has spanned multiple genres and cities, he has always been willing to embrace the grind, as he did as a skater kid...