Theme Camp

“Camp Dappington” is a pop up event series with the focus of bringing people together at music festivals celebrating their shared love of music, outdoorsmanship and skateboarding.

This extension of the Drew Dapps brand was a natural move as curiosity in the formerly imaginary land of Camp Dappington was championed by the community. As requests for a real life activation became abundant it was clear that bringing the Theme Camp to life was the move.

If you know Drew Dapps, then you will know that this dude has been hailed as “The Tony Hawk of EDM”, “House Music Ryan Sheckler” and “Skateboard D”.

Looking to make his passions a part of the Theme Camp we decided to make the skate or die mentality a bit more accessible by creating a fully fledged fingerboard skate park. To add to the hype, each pop up involves and official competition with prize giveaways for contestants!